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Adventure Palace Online Pokies –150,000 Credits and 5X Multipliers are waiting For You!

What is a wonderful online pokies game for you? Are the benefits of the game important to you? How about the uniqueness of the game, in comparison to other pokies games you played in the past? What if the online gambling methods are so important to you, you simply can't consider playing at a game that doesn't make you feel you are the boss and you can determine how things work? Well, no matter what you like best about the pokies games you play day in and day out, there is completely no doubt that once you approach Adventure Palace Online Pokies, you can understand in a matter of seconds it is the best game of them all. Consistently rated at the top of the list of all gamblers, Adventure Palace simply makes you feel the thrill, so you will never want to stop the reels from spinning!

How Do I Get to Be The Boss of This Game?

Well. This game puts a lot of emphasis on the different gambling methods so you can enjoy as best as possible. In case you are interested in the game working for you (so you don't have to press any button), yet have all the potential to win more and more credits, these methods are definitely for you.

All you have to do is press the Auto Play button at the lower bar in your screen. Once you do, a window opens up for you and gives you a nice variety of options to choose from. From this moment on, all you have to do is decide how many spins you want to be played automatically and how you want them to stop. You can choose one of the options already suggested to you (for example 5, 10, 25, 100, 250 or 500 spins) or you can type in the number of spins desired. When you want the reels to stop, you can either press the Stop button, or determine a pre-condition.

First option that stands in front of you is: spin until all spins are complete. The second option you have is to determine the reels will stop spinning once a certain number of credits is won (and then, you can choose one of the options already suggested to you such as 1 credits, 100, 500, 1000, 5000, 9999 credits, or type in the number of credits that will satisfy your hunger for autospins). The autospins are considered as one of the most rewarding and appreciated gambling methods that make you feel you really master this game. After all, in a pokies world where so much uncertainty and surprises exist on a constant basis, a spark of independence and control can always be fun.

What other Benefits Can I Get? How about Playing For Free?

Of course you can play pokies online for free! And it is also one of the best things you will find yourself doing over here! So you probably ask yourself how you can get into the world of free gaming and gambling, especially if you still want to win real money and real credits. The answer for that is very clear and easy to implement.

If you have not yet heard about the Scatter symbol, this very moment is the best one for you to learn all about it! Scatter, which is very easy to recognize (the word Scatter appears on the symbol itself) will let you win no less than 15 free spins in a matter of second. During the all of these 15 free spins you will be able to win more and more credits, and you don't have to deposit a THING. As a matter of fact, not only is your winning potential not being reduced at all, the credits you win with the aid of the Scatter are multiplied by 2X each and every time! So, how does it work? The truth is that all that it takes is just three, four or five of a kind (Scatters) on your reels in order for you to win those free spins. Once these symbols appear adjacently the magic starts, and you get to have some fun! 3X, 4X and 5X features can also take place in your free spins feature so you can enjoy even more!

In addition to all of that, Scatter can benefit you with some credits before the free spins begin. Actually, even when you can't win the free spins (in case you have only two Scatter symbols for example) you get a few credits (90, in this case). Three Scatter symbols will let you enjoy no less than 225 credits while four Scatters will benefit you with 900 credits. If you are really lucky and 5 Scatters are now yours, 22,500 credits will be quickly added to your payline. Congratulations!

Tell Me about the Other Rewards of This Game!

Well, it is time for you to learn how you can win so much more while giving, substantially, less. If up until this day you thought only three, four or five of a kind will do in order for you to win the credits you so strongly desire, it is time for you to learn there are easier ways to enjoy your game! When you have the Wild around, things surely get better for you! Wild is a very special symbol since it can replace each and every other symbol that exists on your reels (not including the Scatter symbol, which is highly unique).

In case you have a two of a kind on your reels and the Wild appears on the next reel, a three of a kind will be created and so will be the relevant payout you get to wn. Four and five of a kind will be similarly generated for you in no time and all you have to do is enjoy it.

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