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Avalon Online Pokies

Microgaming brought us many great games during the years, and some of them became so popular that a sequel game was made soon after. One of these games is Avalon pokies game, where you can plunge into the ancient legend with newfound enthusiasm. The game itself is pretty basic, allowing you to enjoy the simple things. The graphics and the background music are not too shabby, but what really sets the pokies game apart from other online gambling games is the double risks you can take on every spin. With some great prizes and unique opportunities to make some money, Avalon is a game worth playing.

Basic Info

The 5 reel pokies game has 20 available paylines and lots of great perks to it. As in most Microgaming games, you can customize your bets by adjusting the numbers of coins you bet on at each spin or changing the number of active paylines. As more paylines are available, the chances of winning grow accordingly and the size of the bet grows with it. You can also modify the size of the coins you use. All these allow you to control the size of your wagers as you start gambling online and after you make sure your bet is set on the right amount, you can enjoy the great perks Avalon has to offer.

The Symbols

In order to know what you’re getting into, you should review the different symbols that appear during the spins and what they award you with. As in most pokies games, on Avalon you’d be able to find the usual 10-A card symbols. Getting 3 to 5 of these symbols on any active payline can award you with up to 150 coins. Remember, all winning combinations has to consist of adjacent symbols that appear on the reels from left to right.

The higher value symbols are icons of a silver goblet, a royal crown, a diamond set in a golden frame and some sort of a family crest. These symbols can award you with up to 800 coins on a regular spin! As you make small winnings during the game without triggering the bonus round, you can try to double or quadruple your winning in a thrilling gamble feature. This feature offers you the chance to pick a colour or a cars suit, and if your choice matches the card that appears on the screen – your winnings grow immensely! If you want to play it safe, you can also stick to your original winnings and simply collect your bit without risking it.

Extras & Bonuses

The wild symbol in Avalon is the actual image of the island, draped in mist. The wild substitutes for all other symbols on any active payline, except for the Lady of the Lake scatter symbol. Also, if you get 5 wild symbols you can get up to 3,000 coins! Another lucrative symbol is the scatter; if it appears on your screen at least 3 times, you get 12 free spins on which your winnings can be multiplied by x7! During the free spins the symbol of a treasure chest acts as another wild. Furthermore, the free spins can be re-triggered even when you’re already on your free spins. With all these perks combined together, there’s no chance of feeling disappointed during the game.

In Conclusion

Avalon is a great choice for those who love to play games online where you can raise the stakes till the thrill becomes a part of the experience. Simple and yet exciting, the game offers you different opportunities to increase your winnings in ways you won’t forget easily. Even when you haven’t triggered the bonus round, you still have a chance to make things interesting while gambling again on the amount you won. So get out there and have an exquisite adventure with Avalon pokies game!