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Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies – 25 FREE SPINS and 2.4 Million Credits In One Game!

When, for the last time, you enjoyed profoundly by playing a fabulous pokies free slots with the most unique and incredible benefits, rewards, adventurous atmosphere and many other great features you simply knew no other game can offer you? If you are really serious about maximizing your time as well as your satisfaction by playing for real money and winning free spins, a lot of credits, enjoying over 243 different ways to win and many other wonderful benefits, Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies is, without any doubt, the very best game for you! Join now and experience the thrill each and every gambler has felt before you (and therefore chose this game as the top rated game on his list!).

It is time to have some fun over here!

What are My Benefits? What is so Unique about This Game?

How many credits can you win by playing other games? 200? 2,000? 200,000? It really doesn’t matter how many credits you won up until now… because form now on your winning potential increases substantially and you can ONLY benefit from that. The first advantage Thunderstruck 2 has over the other pokies games is that here you can win up to 2.4 MILLION credits in NO TIME! So, if a winning a lot of credits is something you want to enjoy from… you better start playing this game right now!

In addition to the credits you can win at this game, there are additional benefits you will surely not find anywhere else! If you have never heard about THE GREAT HALL OF SPINS, you would LOVE to be introduced to this concept. THE GREAT HALL OF SPINS will let you enjoy a unique experience with many winning possibilities. But first of all, you should know how you can enter THE GREAT HALL OF SPINS, and understand what this hall is anyway.

Enter THE GREAT HALL OF SPINS – The Scatter Symbol

Scatter is a game – changing symbol. In no time it can make your whole winning experience look very different than it used to be up to this day! You can recognize the Scatter symbol by its BONUS logo and magnificent benefits. Once you win three, four and even five adjacent Scatters on your reels, you get an access to THE GREAT HALL OF SPINS. At this hall you can start enjoying your online gambling experience FOR FREE! This way, you will get (spin after spin, time after time) the option to win more and more credits while you are depositing nothing at all! The credits won can also be multiplied by numerous multipliers, depending on the sort of benefit you have, and this way you can be sure your adventure is like no other!

In addition to that, Scatter can benefit you with some credits even before you enter THE GREAT HALL OF SPINS! How? Well, first of all, even two Scatter symbols that appear next to each other (and don't give you an access to the hall) will benefit you with a single credit. Three such symbols will let you enjoy 2 credits while four symbols will reward you with 20 credits. Last but not least, five adjacent Scatters will reward you with a nice amount of no less than 200 credits right away.

Tell Me About My Free Spins!

Of course!

First of all, you want to be nice to VALKYRIE, which is your first mode at the great hall of spins (and a fine looking woman as well). VALKYRIE is the mode which you enjoy playing at right from the first time you get into the hall. At this mode you will be benefited with no less than 10 FREE SPINS, and once the mode is over, all of your winnings will be multiplied by 5X. Moreover, you would probably like to know that during the VALKYRIE mode, your free spins can be retriggered!

It is the 5th time you get into the hall? VALKYRIE is not there anymore, but a much better mode is about to be yours! LOKI will gladly welcome you with no less than 15 free spins! In addition to that, a unique feature called WILD MAGIC will also be a possible benefit for you at this mode. WILD MAGIC, once appearing on reel number 3, can randomly transform symbols into additional substitutes (further explanations about the WILD symbol will be provided soon). In addition to that, 2, 3, 4 and 5 Scatter symbols appearing on your reels during the LOKI mode will trigger 1, 2, 3, and 4 free spins respectively!

Congratulations! Now it is your 10th time at the hall and ODIN is your new mode! Here you can enjoy an incredible amount of 20 free spins which will be accompanied by the WILD RAVEN FEATURE.  WILD RAVEN FEATURE can quickly turn symbols into 2X and 3X multipliers, and in case both ravens land on your reels a 6X multiplier is yours!

No, that is not all… THOR also takes part in this game and once you are lucky and successful enough to enter the GREAT HALL OF SPINS for the 15th time no less than 25 FREE SPINS can be yours! The ROLLING REELS will also be an integral part of your benefits, and the meaning is that once you enjoy consecutive wins, you also enjoy increasing multipliers starting from 2X and 3X, all the way up to 4X and even 5X!

Incredible! Now What Is the WILD?

Wonderful question! The WILD is the other unique symbol that will quickly make Thunderstruck 2 Online Pokies look like no other game! The WILD can be quickly recognized by its outstanding appearance: it is blue and has the game's logo upon it. First of all, three WILDs will reward you with 75 credits. Four such symbols will let you enjoy 200 credits and once you win five adjacent WILDs on your reels, no less than 1,000 credits will be yours immediately! However, this is not the best part about the WILD! The truth is that WILD can serve as a substitute to any other symbol (except the Scatter symbol) on the reels, and thus, even when you don't have enough symbols in order to create a win spin (for example by having two of a kind) WILD can take the place of the missing one and let you enjoy the credits! Same applies to three and four of kind, in case you wondered.