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Online Gambling Bonus

When you play at a brick-and-mortar casino you'll be presented with a Rewards Card upon entry to the casino. As you play the various games you'll accrue points, with different levels of points given out depending on the games that you're playing.  These points can be used for casino give-aways such as discounts on entertainment events, accommodations and restaurant meals. These bonuses are welcome gifts but if you want to go home with more cash payouts, take advantage of the online gambling bonus packages that are handed out at the Australian online casino. 

Casino History

The first casino, built in Monaco in the 1860s, wasn't a great success. Called "Spélugues" it didn't offer the types of games to appeal to professional gamblers nor did it have the amenities and atmosphere that would appeal to Europe's upper classes. 

The casino operators quickly realized that, in order to make their venue into a gambling haven, they would have to rebrand. To their credit they did so, adding new games and new services and comforts. Within a year the new Monte Carlo hotel/casino was established, presenting gaming tables with both high and low stakes games, an opulent ambiance and all of the services and conveniences to which Europe's royalty and member of high society were accustomed. 

At that time there was no thought of adding casino bonuses. It was expected that all of the casino patrons would have plenty of money with which to gamble and winnings were not a concern. The casino visitors were coming to Monte Carlo – and then to subsequent French Riviera casino sites – to soak up the atmosphere, socialize with other similar individuals and often decide affairs of state over a roulette wheel or a craps table.

Las Vegas

In the 1930s Nevada legalized gambling and by the '40s massive casinos were being built in Reno and Las Vegas. These casinos weren't trying to attract society's elite – they were being built to accommodate casual gamers and other citizens who simply wanted to spend some time at the casino in order to enjoy a few days or so of gambling entertainment. The casinos were competing with each other and, to draw players, began to offer casino bonus packages. 

Over the years the brick-and-mortar casino bonuses have become more elaborate and valuable but they continue to focus on giving out gifts that offer players the kind of give-aways that they  will be able to use within the casino itself. For players who find that their vacation is enhanced by such gifts, this is a nice bonus that allows them to expand their gambling entertainment. Players who want to acquire bonus cash and other real world gifts head to the  Australian online casino where the Australian gambling bonus gifts bring real money rewards. 

Australian Online Casino Bonuses 

Today the biggest and best casino bonuses can be found through online gambling in Australia. The gambling bonus Australia packages include a variety of real money casino bonus promotions which include bonuses for new players and veteran gamers alike.

Some of best online gambling bonuses can be found in the New Player packages in which new players are given a selection of bonus give-aways that allow them to explore the casino and the games without adding additional deposits to their gambling activities.

Welcome Bonuses

Welcome Bonuses usually involve match bonus credits, though the number of actual credits given varies widely from one casino to the next. With match bonus credits the credits that the new player deposits are met by the casino, giving him double the amount of real money credits while not obligating him to deposit more credits on his games. 

The advantage of the match credits is that, for half the deposit, the player can double his gambling activities and take home the resulting wins. For a new player this is an attractive introduction to the casino because it gives him the opportunity to explore different games and betting strategies for free while still taking home the resulting payouts. 

Some Welcome Bonuses involve free spins as well. With this additional bonus a player who might otherwise now explore the pokies can do so with out investing in extra deposits. 

The Welcome Bonus is generally good for a player's initial deposits during his first week of casino gambling. It's worthwhile to search the Internet for a casino that offers the best bonus packages. 

Loyalty Points

Another welcome online casino bonus involves Loyalty points. In contrast to the land-based casinos, whose Loyalty Points programs offer casino-based rewards , the online casino's Loyalty Points pays out in cash prizes along with other types of prizes that result in real money payouts. 

The online casino's Loyalty Points grants players points that accrue in their account. These points are based on the games that they play and the amount of their deposits. So, for instance, if you deposit 1 credit on pokies, you'd receive one Loyalty Point. If you deposit 20 credits on a classic blackjack game (which is a more skill-based game and doesn't rely totally on luck) you'd receive one points for every 20 credits that you deposit.

When you accumulate enough Loyalty Points you can redeem them. The casino gives away both casino swag, such as free spins, cashback deals and higher deposit and withdrawal limits, as trade ins for the Loyalty Points, and real world gifts such as luxury gifts and vacation packages.   

Other Casino Rewards

The casino presents additional rewards which include special give-aways for seasonal contests and draws, new player bonuses, bonuses for new games played and more. 

Since the bonuses can theoretically multiply your wins x2, x3, x4 and more, it's worthwhile to spend a little bit of time researching the different Australian casino options before you start playing. 

Open the casino's website and read up to find out which games are offered, whether the games themselves have various bonus rounds, and what casino bonuses the casino awards to its players. 

If you choose wisely you can enjoy a more rewarding casino event via the  online gambling bonus packages that are awarded at your chosen Australian online casino.