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Gambling License in Australia

Aussies love their pokies and they love to gamble. Throughout Australia you will find places to play the pokies. Probably the most familiar is the pubs. The Australian setting to have a great time and gamble can be found in practically in any town, shire and even in the outback. The bottom line is to provide safe online gambling. Most pubs offer specials on the pokies themselves along with certain entertainment and food. As pleasant as it looks on the outside, all gambling places must have a Gambling License in Australia to operate their business.

The Interactive Gambling Act

In Australia all gambling whatsoever, either be it at a land-based casino or an online casino is under the jurisdiction of The Interactive Gambling Act. On June 28, 2001, The Interactive Gambling Act was given the royal go-ahead by the Royal Assent. For those of you who are not familiar of what the Royal Assent is, it is a process how the queen officially endorses a statute affecting a ruling or publicised by way of law. Though the law is approved by the monarchy, usually it is initially given over to the Governor-General. The passage of The Interactive Gambling Act was a huge milestone in the Australian legal code. This passage of the law implemented the restraint from the populace of the destructive results of betting to the Aussie public. This was and is necessary for a gambling license.

When it comes to gambling, gamers themselves need not to have any worries from The Interactive Gambling Act. It is solely intended to suppliers of casino games and their services. A person who is actually current in Australia is by law of The Interactive Gambling Act illegal to offer shared services directly to a consumer.


Presently the gaming industry in Australia is expanding by leaps and bounds since the old ban which was in effect for eight years has been removed. The atmosphere now is very conducive for improvements and growth.


Since The Interactive Gambling Act made it illegal for Aussies to actively participate directly with casino and poker activities, Australians have been taking it offshore. It is projected that about $790,000,000 Australian dollars were spent in the year 2009 at casinos. Unfortunately, and thankfully, controlled by legalities there is some abuse - this results in large fines going into the AU government coffers

Some slack is given to sports gambling online. The reason for this slack is that it is not an offence to gamble online for sports to Aussie dwellers. The stipulation is as long as Australians themselves as customers are not doing the providing.


There have been numerous improvements in gambling and licensing to simplify the procedures in Australia. As of January 1, 2022 new changes came into power. All the different states in Australia differ slightly on the processing of gambling licenses and there are different laws for each state. Significantly is that the Northern Territory Licensing Commission won’t be active anymore. It simply will be done away with.  

To obtain a gambling license in Queensland is more complicated. The Government of Queensland will advertise for proposals through various means of advertisement around the world. Anyone in any location is welcome to respond.


Anyone who is interested to go forward will need to fill out full and inclusive documentation. Also a detailed account of all intended purposes and full material about the group’s plans must be submitted. Choosing a favoured and ideal candidate takes time, lots of time. The applicant will be notified by the government and at that time consultations will commence. Usually the first issue is regarding the casino development and infrastructure and its finishing point.

Any person who obtains a Casino Employee License is lawfully allowed a casino to operate which is licensed. This can include responsibilities involving betting and the management of casinos and betting apparatuses.


Those applying for an operator's license must be at least 18 years old and pass a strict character check.

There are stipulations from a whole gamut of obligations set forth by The Gaming Control Agency for owners of Casinos. Some of the obligations include the function of betting apparatuses, the advance, trade or tallying of chips or cash. Safety measures and observation, and management including in-house book-keeping and appraising is a priority.

Basically there three classifications of licenses that can be allotted: a beginner’s license, a key licence and a regular license. It is possible under particular situations that a temporary licence may be approved.

Five years is set for the issuance for complete licences. They expire from the day of release or until annulled or revoked. For reactivation of the license a new form of renewal must be submitted with the applicable payment. 

To renew your licence, complete a renewal form and pay the relevant fee and which payment cannot be returned to the applicant. This interim license is good only for twelve months.