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Online Gambling Tips: Because Some Plays are Obvious and Some Aren’t

People throughout the world love to gamble, Aussies perhaps more than most.  Online gambling in Australia has grown dramatically in recent years.  It makes sense, then, that gamblers would look for online gambling strategies to help them beat the house.  After all, the house has found an excellent way to beat the gamblers!  We should do whatever we can to reverse the situation.  This short discussion of online gambling tips will cover just a few aspects of online gambling.  We’ll try to convince you that some systems do not work while other gambling strategies do work.

The Random Number Generator (RNG)

This software makes it impossible for the online casino to rig its games.  Companies like eCogra frequently check online casinos for their use of the RNG.  Reputable casinos all use the RNG so, if you come across an online casino that doesn’t periodically submit to appraisal by eCogra or a similar company, do not under any circumstances deposit money at that casino!  This may be the most important online gambling tip in the entire article!

The RNG also puts paid to some pokies players’ beliefs.  There is no such thing as a pokies game that is hot or cold, due or not due to hit the big jackpot.  The RNG makes every pokies spin, roulette wheel spin, blackjack card and so on totally random.

Pokies Strategy

Every spin in a pokies game is completely random.  Thus, strategy for pokies can’t be about how to make winning spins.  But there are some things you can learn about pokies that might make them more profitable.  Some casinos that carry the same pokies will have different payout rates for those pokies.  The payout rate for any pokies is set in the factory.  One casino could ask the manufacturer to set the payout rate at 95% while another might ask for a payout rate of 96%.  So, it’s good strategy to shop around for pokies that have higher than average payout rates.

Some pokies have more frequent wins.  These wins may be small but the cumulative effect may be to enhance your chances of breaking even or winning a small amount.  Pokies with large jackpots may have relatively high payout rates but they also have far fewer overall winners.

Even though pokies are completely random, pokies tournaments often offer a large potential return on your buy-in investment.  The main factors are the size of the buy-in and the number of players.

Roulette Has Some Simple Strategies

Never play American roulette!  This version of roulette has 00 and 0.  European roulette has only the 0.  The difference is that the house advantage in European roulette is about 2.5% and in American roulette it’s about 5%!  If you can, play only French roulette.  This type of roulette has two extra elements called en prison and la partage.  Because of these extra rules, French roulette has the best gambling odds of any form of roulette; the house edge in French roulette is about 1.5%.

Some roulette bets have a lower rate of return than others.  The safest bets in roulette are the even money bets.  However, these are also the least sexy bets.  It may be that the best way to win money online gambling is to simply avoid roulette altogether!

Video Poker

Again every card drawn is completely random.  However, the game you are playing may dictate strategy.  Let’s say you are playing 10’s or better and you are dealt a low pair.  You could keep the pair hoping for trips or you could discard the pair hoping for a higher pair.  If you keep the pair, the odds of getting trips are 2-47.  If you discard all five cards the odds of getting a high enough pair to win are 4-47 for each card from 10 through ace.  There are sites that have analyzed every possible hand.  It’s quite complicated but in some variations of video poker, perfect play turns the overall advantage to you.  In any case, common sense should give you a good idea how to proceed.


The idea is to get 21 or close to it without going over 21.  If you have 12, you could bust with a 10-count card.  Your strategy will be based on the card the dealer has showing.  If dealer shows 2-6, you will likely stand with 12.  If dealer shows 7-10 count, you will likely hit on 12.

The same idea holds with regard to splitting and doubling down.  If dealer shows 7 or 8 and you have two nines, it might be good strategy to split.  If you have 10 or 11 and dealer doesn’t show an ace or a 10 count card, you should double down.

There are some variations where the dealer peeks at her down card if she shows an ace or a 10-count card.  This maneuver helps players by removing the incentive to split or double down in a hopeless situation.

The one blackjack rule that all analysts agree on in is never take insurance!  In the long run it is a sure-fire losing decision.

Betting Systems

The most famous betting system is the Martingale where you double your bet whenever you lose.  This system has been shown to be seriously flawed.  At the very least, it is a system for breaking even, not for winning.

Not All Bonuses are Created Equal

Every bonus given by a casino has a play through requirement before you can withdraw money from the bonus fund.  In practice, this means that you have to win from the bonus cash before you can withdraw any of it.  This is actually quite fair as otherwise players would simply take their bonus money and immediately withdraw it.  The point is to find a casino with more favorable play through obligations.  A casino with a very high bonus rate may have play through requirements that few players could ever meet thus, in effect, sacrificing their bonus money!

Online Gambling for Fun and Profit

No matter what strategy you use and what tips you follow, the likelihood is that you’ll win a little, break even, or lose a little gambling online.  It is every casino’s fervent hope that all their players play casino games online as a fun pastime. Similarly, casinos hope that, if you avail yourselves of only one online gambling tip, it will be to not be fooled into buying so-called foolproof winning systems that cost a lot and bring no return!