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Christmas Market – All Slots Casino Awards Players Free Spins and Cashback!

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most beautiful time of the year. People are able to give and receive beautiful gifts, to enjoy the miracles of Santa, and to sing together with the family and friends. When it comes to the casino industry, the miracles are just as fabulous, and the snowing, musical atmosphere is apparent there just as well. Players who highly favoure the online pokies games will definitely find themselves intrigued by the great offering, especially at this time of the year. All Slots casino, as well as many other casinos host now the best promotion of the year, known as Christmas Market.

At this wonderful promo players will be able to play for a whole month, enjoy winning a lot of loyalty points as well as Christmas Coins, play multiple games, win free spins, and at the end of the promotion – even participate in a special Draw Day in which $25,000 bonus will be divided among many lucky players! If you believe you have to be a part of this special event, there is absolutely no doubt you better sign up to one of the hosting casinos today!

Has the Promotion Started Already? Where Can I Play It?

Promotion's Times

The promotion is taking place between Sunday, November 29th, 7:00 AM GMT, and Saturday, December 25th, 23:59 PM GMT. During this period of time players will be able to play constantly all day and all night long. No rounds will be included in this promo. That means that players will not have to take a break, even of a few minutes between one week and another, and the counting of points will not be re-set once a week is over. Therefore, players will be able to keep on collecting points until the end of the promo and use, even during the last week, points they won at their very first day.

Hosts of Christmas Market

When it comes to places, players will be glad to discover there are many great casinos hosting this promotion, and they can choose whichever one of them that they like in order to start playing. All Slots Casino, which is known for long for being one of the most reputable casinos in the industry, and highly favoured by players when it comes to hosting promos, will also be a host of Christmas Market. In addition to that, players will also be able to enjoy All Jackpots Casino, VIP Lounge Casino, First Web Casino, and Wild Jack Casino!

The Importance of Checking the Casinos

Some players like to stick with what they have. Once they figure out one of their constant casinos is hosting a new and special promotion, they choose to stick there and to play all day long. This, of course, has great benefits, since by playing Christmas Market at the same casino, players are also able to accumulate more loyalty points which will benefit their loyalty tiers' count.

However, some players believe this special period is a unique opportunity to check out the offering of all other casinos which are definitely considered reputable, as they host a great promotion as Christmas Market. Players who choose to visit all other casinos tend to figure out they benefit from being exposed to the many welcome packages offered, as well as to the games and other promos. Sometimes, this small check sums up in a registration to at least one new casino. That is surely considered a great Christmas gift for any gambler!

What Are the Christmas Coins? How Do I Win and Use Them?

The Christmas Coins serve players as they wish to purchase bonuses at the promotion. Each bonus has a different price, and the bonuses are always fun to have and they benefit the players throughout the whole promo.

In order to accumulate Christmas Coins, the only thing players will really have to do would be – enjoy their time! Either playing at the casino’s promotion, or playing various games will grant the players with a lot of loyalty points. Each loyalty point is equivalent to one Christmas Coins, and the more coins a player has – the closer he gets to purchase the bonuses he wants so bad!

So, What Are the Bonuses? What Should I Know About Them?

There are three main bonuses at this promotion: free spins bonus, free bonus, and chasback bonus. It is important to remember that while accumulating Christmas Coins is directly related to collecting more loyalty points, purchasing the different bonuses does not affect at all the loyalty points' count and the loyalty tiers.

Free Spins Bonus

Players purchasing the free spins will be able to play these at Avalon, Immortal Romance, Bridesmaids, Santa's Wild ride and even Secret Santa. There are different packages of free spins, each for a different coins price, and worth a different amount of cash. For example, a package of 30 free spins is worth $15 and could be purchased for only 1200 Christmas Coins.

CashBack Bonus

Players can purchase one such bonus per deposit, and one bonus at a time. The purchase itself should be made prior to depositing the credits, and the bonus will be updated right after the depositing process is complete.

Bonuses Purchased! Now, How Do I Win the Big Prize?

Great! You are getting closer to the worthy goal of winning A LOT at the end of the promo! You might be asking yourself, though, what do the bonuses have to do with winning additional prizes? Well, the answer for that would be, that each bonus purchased awards the player with one more ticket which will be useful at the Draw Day. Since the tickets drawn award the players with the special prizes, it is clear that the more tickets each player has, the better his chances get to win at the big event.

The prizes divided are as follows: $1000 bonus will be given to 5 lucky players, and additional $500 bonus will be awarded to 10 happy winners. 25 jubilant players will get to enjoy a$100 bonus grant, while 50 content winners will receive $50 right away. 100 players will be fortunate enough to receive $25 bonus, and 250 players will be able to receive nothing less than $10 bonus. Last but not least come the 1000 players who will be receiving $5 bonus at the end of the promo.

Eventually, the announcements for winning will be delivered through the casino’s software in a private message, via email or an SMS text message. In addition to that, players would like to keep in mind that by participating at the promotion they give rights to the casino to publicize their first name, initial letter of their surname and their location.