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Dates of the Wheel of Wishes - All Slots

The Wheel of Wishes - All Slots promotion opens on December 27th 2022 and runs through until January 31st 2016. It is an incredible promotion offering online pokies players and in fact, players of all type of games, a chance to win free spins, cashback, free money, loyalty multipliers. Free loyalty points and draw tickets to an incredible $25000 draw that will take place on January 31st.

How to Join in with the Wheel of Wishes - All Slots Promotion

Players that want to opt in to this promotion just need to click on the spin now button on the landing page of the promotion. This automatically enters the player into the promotion and sets the wheel of Wishes spinning. There are eight different sections of the wheel and where it comes to stop will determine what the player has won. The Wheel of Wishes- All Slots promotion is separated into five different rounds and within each round the player may win only once i.e. he can spin only once.

A Special Additional Feature for the Wheel of Wishes - All Slots Promotion

There is one additional special feature that is offered to players that are enjoying this new promotion and that is if they player for four days during one round the player then receives an additional turn i.e. an extra spin. In the special wheel of wishes, ther are two sections for free spins, one cash back section, one free money section, one loyalty multiplier section, one free loyalty points section and two sections to win free draw tickets.

Wheel of Wishes – All Slots Free Spins

Players who win the free spins on online pokies may choose from one of the following games or a mixture of these games: Avalon, Immortal Romance, Gold Factory, Ariana and Bridesmaids. Mobile pokies players may only choose between Avalon and Bridesmaids. Winners of the free spins may choose all of their free spins on one game or choose a number of games for the free spins award. The free spins expire seven days after having been awarded so players need to use them up quickly.

Wheel of Wishes - All Slots Bonus Payouts

Winners of the free bonus and bonus loyalty points will receive these credits within 15 minutes of them being awarded. The loyalty multiplier is only valid for 48 hours from the time it is awarded i.e. the loyalty points earned within that 48 hours are the ones that will be awarded to the player.

The Stardust Draw is Part of the Wheel of Wishes - All Slots Promotion

In addition to all of these fabulous bonus offers there is also the special Stardust Draw to look forward to on the 31st January 2016. For every 50 loyalty points earned during the promotional rounds, the player wins an entry to the bonus draw. The player may not win entries from the loyalty points multiplier but he can win extra entries from the Wheel of Wishes when it spins.

Wheel of Wishes - All Slots Stardust Draw Promotion

The Stardust Draw offers players a chance to win part of the $25,000 prize money that has been dedicated to this draw. There will be 1000 winners of $5 each and five winners of $1000 with many different amounts available for winning in the range such as 100 winners of the $25 payout. Winners of the draw will be notified immediately via sms or email or through the messenger software in the casino.

Playing and Winning Thanks to the Wheel of Wishes - All Slots Promotion

The Wheel of Wishes - All Slots promotion has five full rounds over the period of time that it is running. Each round the player wins a chance to spin this special wheel and win one of the excellent prizes and in addition he gains an entry ticket to the special Stardust Draw that will take place at the end of January when he earns 50 loyalty points or more. All of these incredible bonus options are available for players of online pokies and any of the other casino games offered at the All Slots casino during this period.