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Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies Has Great Graphics, Animation, and Sound

We’ve spoken about how mobile gaming, especially pokies, has taken a giant leap forward because of vastly improved mobile graphics, animation, and sound.  Well, Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies embodies all three of these elements making it one of the most popular and fun mobile pokies around!  So if you've stuck with your computer, online gambling until now....this is absolutely the time to make the move over to mobile gaming.

Because it is so much fun to play, Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies is one of cyberspace’s best pokies apps.

The Basics

Lucky Leprechaun is a five reel pokies with twenty paylines.  Apart from the colourful 10-Ace symbols there are a pipe filled with aromatic tobacco, a tall pint of stout, a fiddle, the smiling Lucky Leprechaun himself, the Lucky Leprechaun Logo, the pot o’ gold, and the four-leaf clovers.

Welcome to the Lucky Leprechaun’s Irish Pokies

The Lucky Leprechaun welcomes you with a top o’the mornin’ and speaks to you throughout the game.  His morning greeting changes from day to day, making it a special treat every time you open Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies. You’ll enjoy his endearing Irish accent as he announces some excellent winning spins!  The Lucky Leprechaun may be even happier than you are when he gets a chance to announce your special wins!

In the basic game, the fiddle plays an Irish tune throughout.  The basic music is somewhat wistful but when you win, the fiddle adds another livelier jig to celebrate your win.  The jig becomes especially lively and playful when you win with three or more fiddle symbols!  The fiddle is an intrinsic part of Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies as it takes you from the slightly melancholy to the effervescent Irish personality!

The Best Music to Work By

Many players simply put the game on auto play whilst they work on other projects.  This keeps the wistful Irish music in the background at all times! You can see how greatly improved sound quality would make Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies even more fun to play than before!

Dancing Symbols

The pipe dances when you win with three or more pipes and it dances when you win other combinations as well!

It seems that every symbol has something animated to offer you as you spin and win!  The Lucky Leprechaun will sometimes appear on the left side of the screen and dance an extra little jig for you!  The pot o’ gold does its own little dance to the right of the reels.  When the pot o’ gold dances, a few coins fall out but don’t worry about losing them!  When you reach the Trail O’ Fortune bonus round, you’ll have many opportunities to win your own pot o’ gold!

Because of the improved mobile animation now available, Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies is now far more fun to play!  The download of the real money pokies app for Lucky Leprechaun is simplicity itself!


Mobile graphics has improved so much that you’ll hardly notice that the screen is smaller than your PC screen!  Every character is so carefully and sharply-drawn that they make Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies as pleasing to the eye as it is to the ear.

The Pot O’ Gold

The pot o’ gold is one of the two scatter symbols in Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies.  When you already have two pot o’ gold scatter symbols, the last reel spins super fast and the music becomes highly excited.  If you get the third pot o’ gold, you go to the Trail o’ Fortune bonus.  Every step on the trail is a multiplier.  The multipliers increase incrementally until you reach 1000x!

On the Trail O’ Fortune there are two bridges which help you jump over many steps getting ever closer to the 1000x multiplier but also increasing your multiplier along the way.

The Trail O’ Fortune bonus has a wheel that you spin to receive “steps”.  Of course, you always hope to get 5 or 6 steps!

If you discover an emerald along the way, you get a free spin.

Green Clover

The green four leaf clover is a scatter when it appears on the fifth reel.  It then sends you to the free spins bonus round in which you start with five free spins at a 2x multiplier.  In this bonus round, the Lucky Leprechaun symbol becomes a second wild symbol.

In this bonus round, a green four leaf clover attached to 10-Ace adds an extra free spin.  A yellow clover adds another 1x multiplier up to 5x. Imagine the wins you’ll get in this bonus round!

Wild Symbol

The Lucky Leprechaun Logo is the Wild symbol in both the base game and the free spins bonus.  It is also stacked both in the basic game and in the free spins bonus round.  In the bonus round, it is joined by the Lucky Leprechaun symbol creating many top wins!  It substitutes for all other symbols except the Scatters: the Pot o’ Gold and the four leaf clover.

Make Yourself an Honorary Irishman

You don’t have to wait for St. Patrick’s Day to play Lucky Leprechaun Mobile Pokies.  It has become one of the most popular mobile games with one of the best pokies apps.  You can play Lucky Leprechaun in practice mode but if you are like most players, you’ll want to download this game for real money wagering.  It is amongst the best real money pokies apps!

As the Lucky Leprechaun might say: “Here’s wishin ye the best of luck!”