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Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies

Mobile casino gamers can now enjoy progressive jackpot fun and excitement when they play the Mega Moolah mobile pokies at the Australian mobile casino. The five-reel, 25 payline and 125 coin pokies offers an exciting trip into a friendly jungle atmosphere where the lively animals will help you form your completed paylines so that you can earn real money prizes. 

The Mega Moolah gambling app is available to all mobile gamers who are playing on tablets or smartphone devices. Just sign into your casino account or establish an account by submitting your name, username, email address and a password to the casino. Download the gambling app to your Android, iOS or Blackberry device. Proceed to connect via WiFi or cellular connectivity and play Mega Moolah pokies at any time and from any location. 

Meet the Animals

Mega Moolah pokies is an animal-themed pokies in which friendly jungle animals take center stage. In the pokies' animated opening scene you'll see a wise old monkey as he imparts wisdom to a young lion stud. As the game starts the lion and monkey join other game symbols including graceful giraffes, sanguine zebras, fleeting ibexes, goofy orangutans, contemplative lions and lumbering elephants. These jungle mates join together to form winning combinations and trigger payouts. Every win is accompanied by lively music and images of a jungle paradise. 

In order to create a winning payline your symbols must appear left to right with the first symbol displaying on the first reel. One winning combination is paid out for each payline so if you achieve more than one combination on a spin you'll receive the value of the highest combination. 

Special Symbols

The Lion is the Wild symbol. If a Lion symbol appears on a payline it substitutes for other symbols to complete wins and multiply those wins. In addition the Lion symbol creates its own winning combination whenever multiple Lion symbols display on an activated payline – completed paylines of all Lion symbols are not multiplied. 

The monkey is the scatter symbol which completes a scatter combination whenever two monkeys occur anywhere on the reels (not necessarily on the same reel or the same payline and not necessarily on an enabled payline.)   

Free Spins

If three or more monkey symbols appear on the reels, in any position, on either activated or unactivated lines, you enter the Free Spins game. You'll receive 15 free spins with all wins multiplied by three. Multiplied wins include combinations involving paylines comprised exclusively of Wild symbols. 

The Free Spins can be reactivated whenever three scatters appear, scattered on the reels during a free spin. You then receive an additional 15 free spins. The new free spins are added to your remaining free spins from your previous free spins round 

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot

The Mega Moolah is one of the most exciting progressive jackpots at the casino. Most progressive jackpots offer you one big prize but the Mega Moolah pokies has four prizes waiting.

Playing the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot consists of spinning the jackpot wheel which is divided into coloured segments. Each segment is labelled with a distinctive footprint of one of Mega Moolah's animal friends.

Your progressive jackpot win is dependent on where the spinning wheel stops. 

Throughout the game the current value of the jackpot prize is displayed so you always know exactly how much money is in the jackpot at any time. If you activate the Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot game and the Free Spins round simultaneously the Jackpot game activates first and the Free Spins round activates afterward. Both win amounts are added to your regular game payouts. 

As soon as the progressive jackpot is won, the casino notifies all players worldwide and the jackpot resets to a fixed minimum value.

Playing on Mobile

Playing on a wide PC screen allows you to enjoy a better view of the game as you engage in the gaming entertainment from the comfort of your living room desktop or laptop PC. So why play on mobile?

Tablet and smartphone players are unanimous in asserting that mobile play offers the best of both worlds – the convenience of gaming whenever and wherever you want on your mobile screen combined with the relaxation and stimulation of casino entertainment. 

Some players are reluctant to move over to the mobile platform but they're relieved when they find out that that, via their personal casino account, they'll be able to move back and forth from the mobile platform to the PC platform at their leisure. This means that all of their payouts, casino promotions and Loyalty Points are available to them on either platform so they can continue to build up their casino amenities and promotions as they play on the platform of their choice.  

The mobile casino hosts fewer games than are found in the Download or Flash Casinos, simply because the mobile network has only been operational for a couple of years. Therefore, the newest and most popular games are available on mobile, Players who want to enjoy old favourites will find those ready for their PC gambling entertainment.  

Casino Promotions

All of the casino promotions are applicable to both PC and mobile gaming devices so you can add your bonus promotions to your games regardless of your preferred platform. The casino presents you with a Welcome Bonus of match bonus gaming credits and cash give-aways when you sign in to play at the Download, Flash or Mobile casino. This Welcome Bonus can be accessed on any device for, granting you convenient and user-friendly Welcome Week prizes.  

You will also be presented with Loyalty Points that reward you for games played with points that can bring you special deals and gifts.   

Everyone is invited to play the casino's monthly contests for more casino points, credits, prizes and cash. 

Play Mega Moolah mobile pokies where you can sit back and enjoy fun-filled jungle exploration with big prizes waiting at the end.