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Mermaids Millions Mobile Pokies – Bonus Feature, 10 FREE SPINS and Much More!

Winning the best mobile casino games, and pokies games in particular, is getting easier these days, as more and more games offer players special rewards, prizes, and better ways to receive a lot of credits than ever before! With a constantly growing offering of new pokies games, players can sometimes find themselves asking which game would suit them best. Luckily, Mermaids Millions Mobile Pokies is a great example of a fine game which suits almost everyone, as it has special features which all sorts of gamers reported many times as highly important for a great gaming experience!

Once playing this game, you will be able to notice you can find the Scatter and Wild symbols, which are recognized as the most special symbols used these days in games, as well as the Bonus symbol which is capable of granting players with a lot of credits as well as trigger a whole new gaming mode in a matter of seconds. Moreover, fun and special online gambling features (including Select Lines, Select Coins and many others) will also become an integral part of your game, and will let you enjoy the best gaming experience you can ever imagine!

With the strong merman, beautiful mermaid, special treasure box and many other great symbols and graphics, you can be confident you will be intrigued by this game day and night!

Play the Game For Free!

Everyone loves playing pokies games, and they sure love winning! With that being said, it seems that one of the most valued tips to win gambling app are the tips which help players start winning for real, while they keep on playing for FREE! Luckily, such tips will be given here as well! So now, the only question remaining is – how can YOU do that? The answer for it is easy to understand and easy to implement – use the SCATTER symbol!

The beautiful blond mermaid, with the Scatter title, is a symbol which once three, four or five of its kind appear on your reels – triggers the free spins mode. From the moment the mode is triggered, the whole gaming atmosphere is completely changed, and becomes much more exciting and fun. In addition to that, for 10 full rounds, the player is able to watch the reels spin automatically, and multiple credits easily won. As mentioned, the player deposits nothing during this period of time, and it can only be a win – win situation for him or her! It is also great to keep in mind that during the free spins mode, all credits won by the player will be 3X multiplied!

Sounds Wild!

Maybe it really does, but as a matter of fact, the wild part is just getting started! The impressive merman, with the white hair and pink – blue crown, is also capable of shifting the order of events in the game in no time at all! This special symbol is capable of replacing all other symbols on the reels (except scatter and Bonus), and by doing so, it can help creating new winning combinations. This feature is so highly favoured among gamblers, since those who just recently won two of a kind (and no credits at all) will now be able to see how two of a kind, with a Wild symbol appearing on the next reel, create a three of a kind, and thus trigger a fine payout right away. Three and four of a kind, which appear on the reels next to a Wild symbol, will be immediately changed into four and five of a kind, and the credits will be added to the payline in no time at all!

The Monetary Prizes Followed By Scatter's and Wild's Appearance On Reels

Yes, everybody knows by now that a lot of credits can be won easily and quickly thanks to the Scatter and Wild symbols. However, not everyone knows that the credits can be won even in case these special symbols are not a part of any special gaming mode at all.

As a matter of fact, 3, 4, or 5 symbols of these kinds will grant the players with credits, and a lot of them… right away! When it comes to Scatter, 2 and 3 identical symbols appearing next to one another will let players enjoy 2 and 4 credits in no time. 4 and 5 Scatter symbols, appearing on adjacent reels will trigger 50 and 400 credits' payout in no time as well!

When it comes to the Wild symbol, players can expect even greater payouts, as 2 and 3 such symbols will generate 5 and 200 credits' payout right away. 4 Wild symbols can generate a grand payout of 2000 credits, and if players are truly lucky, and they get to win 5 Wild symbols on their reels, they can also expect nothing but 7500 credits to be theirs on the spot!

Treasure Bonus - a Surprise In a Wooden Box

Getting into the deepest part of the ocean is definitely fun, intriguing, and can be an experience full of surprises. Once you go deep enough and find the wooden box with the golden decoration, you can definitely know a new bonus is going to be yours in no time at all!

With this bonus, three, four, or five symbols of the same kind have much more power than ever before! Three Bonus symbols will grant the players with 36 – 1500 credits right away, while four such symbols will let the player win 482000 credits in no time at all. Players who are truly lucky and get to enjoy five Bonus symbols on their reels, will also be able to win 602500 credits in no time at all!

Gambling Features Have Never Been So Much Fun!

Auto Play? Select Lines? Select Coins? Bet Max? Are all of these terms completely new for you? If so, no worries! Within a very short while you will learn everything about them, and will also be able to use them for your own benefit!

Auto Play

This option is especially for those players who figured that if they managed to get to the deepest part of the ocean, they want to stop and enjoy from the view! These players will be able to stop everything in no time at all, and watch the reels spin and the credits won for them. All that it takes, is simply to trigger the Auto Play mode! 5X and 10X buttons will trigger 5 and 10 auto spins respectively, and the Auto Play button will open a new window in which you will be able to set all the advanced features as you like!

Select Lines

Surely, there are many different ways to bet in this game, and one of the most rewarding ones is to use the Select Lines feature, you will be able to choose how many lines you bet at each and every round and to increase your payout potential in direct relation to that!

Select Coins

This feature, which uses the + and – buttons, will be at your service as you wish to increase or decrease the number of coins you deposit at the next spin!

Bet Max

Can't wait until you start depositing the highest betting amount possible? Don't want to click over and over again the + button? If so, Bet Max button is exactly what you are looking for! A single press of a button will let you bet the highest, and make your winning potential be the best it could ever get!

What are you waiting for? Start playing the Mermaids Millions pokies app right now!